Professor Thomas Hoelting, MD Head physician at Weight Doctors, specialized in visceral and vascular surgery

Exclusive to Weight Doctors, the pose® procedure is a permanent, non-surgical stomach reduction treatment for sustained weight loss. Lose weight for life with Weight Doctors.

We offer the pose® procedure for sustained weight reduction in addition to the well-known intra-gastric balloon treatments for 4, 6 or 12 months.

Professor Thomas Hoelting, MD is the first practitioner in Germany to exclusively offer this procedure. We’ve taken the time to sit with Professor Hoelting to share more about the pose® procedure.

Professor Hoelting, how does the pose® procedure work?

The procedure offers the advantage of a permanent stomach reduction without the need for surgery. Using an endoscopic method, the stomach is reduced by the targeted placement of so-called anchors, using special sutures. Depending on the size of the patient – considering their weight and the volume of the stomach – approximately 10 – 16 anchors are placed in in the stomach, creating volume-reducing folds to reduce the size of the stomach. The pose® procedure causes two things to happen in the stomach: 1) the stomach volume in the upper part of the stomach is decreased, therefore reducing food intake and accelerating the feeling of satiety, and 2) the stomach outlet becomes smaller, therefore prolonging the feeling of satiety and a delayed onset of hunger.

Who is eligible for treatment with the pose® procedure?

The pose® procedure is suitable for severely overweight or obese patients with a BMI of 28 to about 43. At the same time, it’s important for patients to have the willingness and motivation to make a change to their health and habits.

Are there any medical reasons that could prevent treatment with the pose procedure?

All Medical Physicians at Weight Doctors have the right to refuse to treat patients who have serious pre-existing medical conditions. This will be considered on an individual basis. We always discuss any associated risks, especially considering required anesthesia, with each individual patient. Having a one-on-one consultation is therefore a crucial part of undertaking the pose® procedure.

How much weight loss can a patient expect to lose with the pose® procedure?

On average, patients lose up to 20% of their initial weight. The most weight loss takes place in the first 2 years after treatment. This of course depends on the patient’s willingness to change their eating, exercise and lifestyle habits.

With the pose® method, our patients have more time to build healthy habits when compared to other weight loss treatments.

Professor Hoelting, how long does the procedure take?

Approximately 50 minutes during a short outpatient stay of 5 to 6 hours.

How long does the recovery take?

On average, the patient is fit and ready to get back to their daily routine within 2 days following their treatment.

Professor Hoelting, how many appointments does the patient have after their treatment?

2 fixed appointments must be kept after the procedure is completed. Our Weight Doctors team continue to support patients for 1 year after their treatment. We ensure the regular exchange of information so that progress can be documented, and changes to dietary and exercise behavior can be supported in an effective way.

Where do consultations and treatments take place?

Initial consultations and treatments are available in person at our locations in Dortmund, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and Düsseldorf. In addition, we also offer professional consultations by telephone and video. With the current COVID-19 regulations, our professionally conducted and high-quality video consultation is particularly popular.

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