The Weight Doctors are the innovation leaders for safe, minimally-invasive treatments

Would you like to lose weight successfully and permanently? Without dieting or yoyo effect? The Weight Doctors are innovation leaders and are the only providers in Johannesburg to offer the revolutionary Weight Doctors SLEEVE®. This type of stomach reduction, which is performed by means of a simple gastroscopy, dispenses entirely with incisions and scars.

Weight Doctors SLEEVE® may be the optimal choice if you have been suffering from overweight or obesity for a long time and numerous weight loss attempts have not brought the desired lasting effect. This is because the effect of the method is permanent and has been proven to be the right way to go if you want to avoid constant and stressful ups and downs on your scales.

Meanwhile, the Weight Doctors will support you throughout your treatment to lose weight successfully. Our specialised and dedicated team will accompany you and show you recurring effective ways to get your excess weight under control.

Have we piqued your interest? Then get to know all the benefits of a tube stomach with the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® without having to fear the surgical risks that usually accompany surgical procedures. We will be happy to help you at any time and personally inform you about a stomach reduction in Johannesburg.

Our patient Christine speaks from the heart of many Weight Doctors® patients and their daily struggles that overweight brings along

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The Weight Doctors® are the No. 1 in Germany and first in South Africa for endoscopic stomach reduction

Nowadays, permanently reducing the size of the stomach is no longer a medical challenge. However, it is much more important to be able to reposition the stomach with the least possible restrictions, the shortest downtimes and without long-term consequences for the patient. This is exactly where the Weight Doctors come in: Because with our Weight Doctors SLEEVE®, which is exclusively available at Weight Doctors in Johannesburg, our patients can not only expect a highly professional treatment with a permanent reduction effect in the stomach. Our patients also benefit from our 10 years of experience with this stomach reduction technology. The Weight Doctors are the only ones whose treatment team has been involved in the development of the pose®2 Endo-Sleeve procedure from the very beginning and has contributed with scientific studies to the success of this procedure today. The technique was developed in the USA and is commercially offered only by Weight Doctors in Johannesburg. With the concentrated knowledge of our specialists, we support you in achieving your personal dream weight – for the rest of your life.

The results of sustainable weight loss speak for themselves

But how exactly does the Weight Doctor SLEEVE® work? In this method, the stomach is carefully shirred by means of special threads and specially developed anchors, thus giving it the shape of a tube. This procedure is carried out during an ordinary gastroscopy without any major health risks. The small operation is completed after about 45 minutes and you can go home to your loved ones the same day. In this way, a reduction of the stomach volume by up to 60 percent can be achieved, with only minor effects on the body.

Our method has two effects: The stomach is not only effectively narrowed in the silhouette of a tube. It is also shortened in length. This has the effect that, by changing the entrance and exit of the stomach, significantly less food can be absorbed by the stomach overall. You are full much faster and the feeling of hunger comes much later.

The pose®2 Endo-Sleeve procedure has already been used more than 12,000 times worldwide. The Weight Doctors are proud to be the first commercial provider in Johannesburg to offer its successor, the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® as we roll out our landmark medical offering throughout South Africa.

The Weight Doctors® have brought the incisionless, scar-free permanent stomach reduction to Africa


Weight Doctors SLEEVE® reduces the volume of the stomach by more than half. The stomach is specifically tightened and takes on the shape of a sleeve. Satiety lasts longer and digestion in the stomach is prolonged. This drastically reduces the risk of food cravings. In addition, the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® has other decisive benefits:

  • there is no need for surgical incisions at all
  • No unsightly scars remain
  • You can go home on the same day as the treatment
  • You are fit and ready for action again after just a few days
  • ultra-safe technique with very good tolerability and no long-lasting side effects
  • After the healing phase you do not need any accompanying additives or meds
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Weight Doctors treatments at a glance

Procedure duration

30-60 minutes

Type of anesthesia

general anesthesia

Clinic stay







after 3 to 4 days


4 months to permanent


from R 59,000

Experience really matters

Undergoing weight loss treatment is a big decision, often patients have considered it for years before taking the plunge. 

For a long time patients were presented only with surgical options for obesity. Whilst these options can be good, they are also invasive. Weight Doctors® recognised early on that a large potion of weight loss patients are generally healthy with a BMI lower than 50. A minimally invasive, yet powerful procedure suits these patients perfectly. 

Weight Doctors® were amongst the first European specialists to provide Endoscopic treatment for weight loss and have grown to be the largest with centres across South Africa, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and beyond. Not only that, Endoscopic treatment is our speciality and passion. 

Working with International experts such as Dr Devinder Bansi, Professor Karl Miller and Professor Jan Willem Greve soon saw Weight Doctors® at the cutting edge of endoscopic treatment and performing cases in high volume. 

Now the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® sits alongside traditional surgical weight loss methods, is approved for use within most national and medical guidelines worldwide including the U.S. and attracts around 10'000 patients each year. 

With all this said, the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® is an intricate procedure only to be performed by experts who carry out the procedure routinely and with an excellent clinical team. At Weight Doctors®, patients can be confident of this expert team, alongside excellent clinical facilities and industry leading aftercare. Read more about the 12 best reasons to choose Weight Doctors®.

We offer the following treatments for long-lasting weight loss with the Weight Doctors:

Adjustable Spatz3 gastric balloon for 1 year

The Spatz3 12-month gastric balloon is an effective method of stomach reduction. It is a non-invasive technique that can significantly reduce excess weight within one year. The special feature of this intragastric balloon is that its filling volume can be adjusted as you carry the balloon. At the same time, the balloon poses minimal risks to the stomach. The treatment is also completely reversible.

Gastric balloon for 6 months

The 6-month gastric balloon is easy to explain: It is placed in the stomach by means of gastroscopy and filled with saline solution. It remains there for half a year. After that, it is removed without leaving any residue. The intragastric balloon reduces the capacity of your stomach, you feel full faster and can eat less - but without experiencing typical cravings.

Allurion gastric balloon to swallow

The Allurion gastric balloon is an exciting innovation at Weight Doctors: For the first time, it is possible for a gastric balloon to find its way into the stomach without any intervention and completely without anaesthesia. This is because the intragastric balloon comes as a capsule and is so small that it can simply be swallowed. Find out more now.

pose®2 Endo-Sleeve Technology

Our Weight Doctors SLEEVE® using pose®2 Endo-Sleeve technology is based on the revolutionary idea of pose®, the first permanent stomach reduction without surgery. But what is new is that with Weight Doctors your stomach can now be reduced by as much as 70-75%. Food intake is reduced, the feeling of satiety is quicker and remains noticeable for longer.

Apollo OverStitch ESG technology

Our Apollo OverStitchTM ESG technology is highly effective and can reduce the size of the stomach by up to 75%. In this respect, the technologies are in no way inferior to others. On the contrary, in some cases we observe a comparatively even slightly higher restriction. In any case, Apollo OverStitchTM is nickel-free and therefore suitable for almost all of our allergic patients.

Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass by Weight Doctors BARIATRICS® results in the greatest possible modification among surgical bariatric interventions and is based on modern laparoscopic keyhole surgery. It is performed in two variants: on the one hand, the so-called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, today the gold standard among gastric bypass operations in Germany. On the hand, we perform the Omega-Loop Gastric Bypass, particularly suited for patients at higher age.

Gastric Sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve by Weight Doctors BARIATRICS® is the least invasive procedure among surgical bariatric interventions and is based on modern laparoscopic keyhole surgery. The Gastric Sleeve is based on the LSG technology (Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy), which is considered the gold standard among experts worldwide.

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As a Weight Doctors® patient, you will benefit from our brand-new digital AI-Coach Iris: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Iris speaks to you in 7 languages and is supported by our new Weight Doctors® 360 Coaches. For the best Weight Doctors® aftercare ever experienced.

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Minimally invasive treatments without incisions or scars tailored to overweight and obese patients

With all treatments of the Weight Doctors in Johannesburg, such as the ultra-safe Weight Doctors SLEEVE®, no stomach reduction in connection with an operation is necessary. This has the decisive advantage that the stomach not only remains intact in its functioning. You return to your normal daily routine immediately and without downtime. And from day 1, you will steadily lose weight and move closer and closer to your desired weight. What further distinguishes a treatment at the Weight Doctors in Johannesburg:

  • Highly professional treatment by specifically trained, certified and experienced specialists.
  • Use of medical quality products based on US-American cutting-edge technology and specially approved for our procedures
  • Fulfilment of the highest medical and hygiene standards and treatment in specialist clinics that are state-licensed
  • No requirement to take medication on a permanent basis
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