Lose weight effectively with a Gastric Balloon. No surgery required.

With the Weight Doctors, you’ve never had a better opportunity to kickstart your weight loss journey. Find out why we are the right partner for you to help you achieve your desired weight.


The intragastric balloon for 6 months is the ideal companion for effective weight loss.

A reliable support system is important to achieving a healthy lifestyle. The 6-month intragastric balloon will help change your eating habits as you find the right portion size and develop a more positive awareness of your body’s needs. It naturally reduces the absorption capacity of your stomach, ensures a faster feeling of fullness and helps you achieve your desired weight and better lifestyle. Although individual results may vary, patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or higher can use the intragastric balloon to lose up 25 kilograms of excess body weight in just 6 months.


Watch in our video how the non-surgical placement of our Gastric Balloon is safely performed



Advantage #1

Effective results. Noticeable weight loss from day 1. Experience this for at least 6 months.

Advantage #2
Complete discretion. The intragastric balloon is a non-surgical treatment. No incisions. No scars. 

Advantage #3
Flexible. The balloon can be removed at any time.

Advantage #4
The intragastric balloon offers a great safety profile compared to weight loss surgery. It scores with its low risks and manageable side effects.

at a glance

Duration of the procedure

approx. 20 minutes

Type of anesthesia

semi-conscious sedation



Pain level

very low




after 3-4 days


6 months


from R 59,000

How it works: 6-month intragastric balloon

The function of the intragastric balloon is quite simple: it reduces the capacity of your stomach so that you feel fuller more quickly. As a result, your food portions decrease, but without experiencing the hunger attacks of conventional diets. In principle, the intragastric balloon is a temporary stomach reduction method – only without surgery and the associated complications. In combination with a program tailored to your individual needs from our weight loss experts, your internal coach will guide you towards a more balanced lifestyle. You will quickly see that your achievements motivate you to continue. The initial principles from the balloon will become habits that you will maintain after treatment.

How you benefit from this treatment

No surgical intervention is needed within the scope of the 6-month intragastric balloon treatment, making the therapy flexible and low in risk. Apart from the intragastric balloon, no medication is required, thereby also eliminating any additional side effects. Through the temporary stomach reduction with the intragastric balloon you will lose weight from day one.

Weight Doctors are the market leaders in the field of sustainable weight management. In the field of minimally invasive treatments, we are also one of few premium partners of the leading gastric balloon supplier Medispar. All the products we use meet the highest medical standards, fulfill the European CE identification and guarantee the greatest possible safety and comfort for you, our patient.

Watch here what it felt like for patient Christine to be supported with a Gastric Balloon from Weight Doctors


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professor thomas hoelting

“The classic intragastric balloon is the ideal solution for patients who have tried different conservative methods of weight loss but have failed to make the progress they desire.”


In comparison to conventional weight loss methods, the intragastric balloon will help you feel fuller for longer, eat less and increase your chances of losing weight effectively – without the need for surgery or diet pills. You can lose up to 25 kilos within 6 months. You will also benefit from individually tailored support from our weight loss team throughout your therapy.

The intragastric balloon is particularly suitable for patients over 18 years of age who are overweight (BMI of 27 or more), or have initial stage obesity and who are motivated to undertake medically assisted weight loss therapy. Depending on your weight and BMI, different intragastric balloon products and treatment durations are available. Our Weight Doctors experts are happy to make a recommendation during your individual consultation.

It usually takes 3 – 5 days for your stomach to get accustomed to the new balloon. During this time, it’s possible that you will feel a slight discomfort or an upset stomach. As your body quickly adapts, the intragastric balloon will merely give you a longer-lasting feeling of fullness throughout the day and therefore helps to adjust your eating patterns.

Übelkeit, Magenkrämpfe und Erbrechen sind in den ersten Tagen möglich. Folgen Sie bitte immer den Empfehlungen Ihres behandelnden Facharztes und trinken Sie viel. Ggf. verschriebene Medikamente können die Beschwerden deutlich lindern.

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