For the first time, pose® offers an effective, low-risk solution for patients who need professional help to achieve their goal weight.

The pose® procedure: simple and effective

Suffering from excess weight or obesity significantly reduces an individual’s overall quality of life. For many, this also leads to extreme unhappiness with one’s physical appearance, other health conditions and severe challenges to mental health. The pose® procedure (Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal) is a new, non-surgical method to achieve permanent stomach reduction and helps people achieve a healthy, pain-free life without limiting their overall quality of life.

Lose 30 – 40% of your excess weight!

The pose® procedure is the most innovative and gentlest of medical obesity treatments. It is non-surgical, minimally invasive, i.e. there are no scars or incisions, it can be performed on an outpatient basis and allows patients to return to their everyday routines in a matter of days. The procedure offers a high rate of success in losing weight for the long term. Scientific studies have shown that an average 30 – 50% of excess weight is lost within only 2 years. Your individual contact person at Weight Doctors is available throughout your therapy to help you make the transition to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through complementary nutrition and exercise programs.


Advantage #1
Your pose® treatment can accompany you for the rest of your life. A lifelong coach to help you control your hunger.

Advantage #2
Never before has an obesity treatment been so attractive: no surgery, no incisions, no scars.

Advantage #3
Little downtime: get back to your daily routine after only a few days rest.

Advantage #4
The pose® procedure is easily tolerated by the body: risks of the therapy are very low compared to classic obesity treatments.


Duration of the procedure

30-45 minutes

Type of anesthesia

general anesthesia



Pain level





after 3 – 4 days




from 182€ per month*

As gentle as a gastroscopy and as effective as a surgical operation

The pose® procedure combines the durability of a surgical operation with the benefits of a simple gastroscopy. This non-surgical procedure to reduce the size of the stomach is incision-free, scar-free and therefore boasts a quick recovery time. After a few days rest, patients can get back to their everyday routine. The procedure is so gentle that some patients undergo treatment completely unnoticed by their family.

What is involved in the pose® procedure?

The procedure is performed with an endoscope that is placed through the esophagus to the stomach. As part of the procedure, the inner wall of the stomach is punctured using small anchors. Once these anchors are firmly in place, they are then connected to each other with special sutures, causing the stomach to contract. Depending on the patient’s situation, initial weight, and size of the stomach, our specialized doctors are able to place between 10 and 16 of these anchors to complete the procedure and reduce the size of the stomach.

Through the pose® procedure, the volume of the stomach is reduced in such a way that the effect from the treatment unfolds in two major ways:

  1. Due to the reduction at the upper part of the stomach, i.e. the entrance to the stomach, food is absorbed more slowly and the feeling of satiety sets in quicker, and
  2. As the lower part of the stomach is also reduced, the feeling of fullness lasts longer, and hunger doesn’t return until much later.


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professor thomas hoelting, md

„The pose® procedure offers all the advantages of minimally invasive surgery without having to accept the potential risks and disadvantages of classical surgical treatments for obesity.”


Very safe. The procedure has been carried out more than 12 000 times globally and has been the subject of extensive medical studies. To this day, the procedure shows extremely strong results in direct comparison with other obesity treatments. The pose® procedure stands out from others in two significant areas: the high level of patient security and the patient post-treatment comfort and recovery given the limited side effects.

The procedure is performed with an endoscope that is placed through the esophagus to the stomach. The specialist doctor specialist inserts special miniature tools into the stomach through the endoscope and uses them to create special stomach folds to reduce the volume of the stomach. These gastric folds are then strengthened with tiny anchors. This application is carried out both at the upper and lower end of the stomach. Medical studies have shown that this fold formation in the stomach not only helps patients feel satiated after small portions of food, but also helps maintain a feeling of fullness for a much longer period of time. In other words, that ravenous hunger feeling doesn’t come back so quickly.

This is something we will find out together. This is why a personal consultation with one our obesity specialists is so important. In general, however, the procedure is suitable for many patients who are very overweight, or obese, and have a BMI of more than 27.

That being said, this treatment can only help as much as you are committed to making a real and long-lasting change to your lifestyle.

pose® patients lose weight more effectively in comparison to conventional weight loss treatments. In many cases, patients lose up to 20% of their initial weight. This corresponds to about 30 – 40% of their problematic, excess weight. This however depends on the individual’s overall disposition and commitment to their health goals by following recommended measures throughout their therapy.

Although the amount of weight loss is important, in our opinion, the possibility for this treatment to avoid the dreaded yoyo effect is why we find it to be so successful for our patients. Most patients who have had previous “success” with conventional therapies subsequently come to the Weight Doctors because of the additional kilos they’ve put back on quickly thereafter. The risk of the yoyo-effect is significantly reduced with pose®.

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